E-learning Production

Elearning production assistance from A to Z. Aldhaki.com has an international expertise in E-learning production. Our team will help you produce outstanding E-learning courses.

Expert  Compensation

Win-win compensation formula for experts. Aldhaki.com will share the sells risks. We wont charge you for our E-learning assistance if there is no sells.  

Affordable Prices

E-learning courses at affordable prices. Our mission at Aldhaki.com is to offer Algerian Expertise at the lowest possible prices. 

Cutting Edge Platform

Very easy to use E-learning platform. Students have to register to a given course, pay and then we will grant them an access to the platform/ purchased course.

About  US

Aldhaki.com is the first E-learning Marketplace for Algerian experts. Our team has an extensive experience in Design, Production and Delivery of E-learning content. We offer to produce E-courses in Arabic, French and English.

Aldhaki.com wont ask any fees for its E-learning assistance. All Design, Production and Delivery help is free of charge. Only  a very small annual membership fee, as a commitment,  is mandatory. The compensation is on a win-win formula.